Church Ministry

Following the retirement of our Rector we are in the process of selecting his successor and we are prayerfully awaiting God's calling.

However, during this period we are continuing the full ministry of the church with the advice and blessings of the Bishop of Shrewsbury and Archdeacon of Salop; the help of local clergy to continue our full programme of services to the community, including Weddings, Baptisms, School ministry and Pastoral care.

Please find below the contact details for those activities and for any advice you may need with regard to our services:

For Church and Parish Church Room bookings:

The Churchwardens

Mr. Eddie Loewendahl
Tel: 01952 270821
Mob: 07539 733702

Mrs. Chris Gregory
Tel: 01952 810889

or Email:

For Baptisms

Please contact the Baptism Team who will arrange and assist you with all arrangements:

Tel: 07549 660611

For Weddings

Please contact the Mr. Eddie Loewendahl:
Tel: 01952 270821
07539 733702

Our Postal Addresses

St. Nicholas Church, High Street, Newport, Shropshire TF10 7AY

Parish Church Room, New Street, Newport, Shropshire TF10 7AX